It is with tremendous excitement that M’kor Shalom and Temple Emanuel announce the name of our unified entity, Congregation Kol Ami.


    Literally translated as “Voice of My People,” this name signifies that everyone’s voice matters and that we are all present for one another. Together, we look forward to a new and exciting future.

About Us

Congregation M’kor Shalom is a Reform Jewish congregation that values and honors Jewish tradition, appreciates progressive thinking and embraces diversity. Founded in 1974, we offer a full range of programming for families, couples, singles, children and seniors. M’kor Shalom offers a wide array of worship experiences, and we are passionate about music and social action.
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In our house, education is l’dor va dor, from generation to generation. Our house of learning enriches lives and is an integral part of what makes up our congregational family. From babies and new parents through senior adults, we bring people together and nurture their minds with diverse topics that help them learn and grow.
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The current COVID-19 crisis is impacting all of us in different ways, some financial, some emotional, all physical. M'kor Shalom is feeding the hungry, honoring the essential workers in our community, and reaching out to our members to check up on them and take the temperature of their needs. We are here for you.
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In This House

We all come together in this house, our house – our home, Congregation M’kor Shalom. The young and young at heart, with varied backgrounds and interests, share a desire to build a community united by a commitment to having Jewish values at the core of who we are and how we live.

We worship and celebrate together, socialize, learn, take care of each other, work to make the world a better place, “L’dor Va Dor” – from generation to generation.

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